Deck Maintenance

Well designed, specified and constructed timber decking needs minimal annual maintenance to keep it in good condition.

The degree of maintenance required depends upon many factors such as product quality, species and location.

DeckMark quality assessed components are designed to provide a long and trouble free service with no requirement to apply preservative treatments during their service life. They will resist decay and can be expected to last in the region of 15 years or longer depending upon the species and/or treatment specification used.

A water repellent coating may be used to improve the appearance of the deck by nourishing the wood. If used, water repellents should be applied every other year - preferably at the end of summer.

It is possible to specify decking timbers that include water repellents as part of the pressure pre-treatment process. In this case it is possible to top up the water repellency with a suitable brush on product as and when required.

Decorative stains will also need to be refreshed periodically to maintain their appearance - usually depending on location, amount of sun received and general wear and tear.

Whether smooth faced, grooved or ribbed deck boards are preferred, it is important that the deck surface is kept clean by regular brushing with a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt, algae and dead leaves which could make the deck slippery in the wet.

Deck Clean1

At least once a year - preferably in spring - give decks a more thorough cleaning using a power spray or proprietary cleaner to lift any stubborn stains. If you use a power spray, please take extra care not to damage the surface of the deck. Download a copy of the TDCA  Deck Maintenance Information Sheet – free to registered users.

DeckMark quality assessed deck-care products such as water repellents, stains, deck cleaners, and end seal preservatives are all available from within the TDCA.

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