TDCA supports UK Timber Industry campaign

Sunday, October 02, 2022

TDCA are proud to be supporting an on-going industry-wide campaign developed by the Wood Protection Association (WPA) in collaboration with Timber Development UK (TDUK). It's based on core messaging around the Use Class system of wood application and the need to preservative treat timber to correct levels suitable for its end use.

Background to the campaign

Results from ‘mystery shopper’ research sponsored by the WPA in July 2020, confirmed what was suspected – that knowledge about preservative treated wood in the timber supply chain was very poor.
Analysis by the WPA also highlighted that the use of meaningless generic expressions such as ‘green treated’ were common in the way both sellers and buyers described treated wood products. Inaccurate or vague descriptions increases the chances of product misuse. This can lead to failure in service and customer complaints – installing poorly treated timber can have the same effect.

Inevitably, this can damage the reputation of timber as a reliable building material, which is particularly worrying when wood is in competition with alternative construction products.

WPA Buyer's Guide To Preservative Treated Timber (6) (1)

Core Campaign Messaging

For the fencing, garden and landscaping sector, the focus is on promoting the use of the term Use Class 4 for treated wood used in contact with or close to the ground or of a structural nature, using the medium of the Make Sure it’s 4 logo and communications package. 

With regards to decking applications this affects all substructure timbers not just posts.

For the broader timber supply chain, the focus also includes differentiating between interior and exterior applications for treated wood – using a bold, colour coded 'Use Class 2, 3 or 4?' message and simplified product descriptions. 


TDCA Msi4 Logo (1)

Other associations, producers and merchants are adopting and using the campaign assets in their training, key promotions, and point-of-sale to amplify the campaign and drive home the key messages about using wood correctly.


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