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Impra - we care for wood

Impra has over 130 years experience with wood and wood treatment. Their constant research into the properties of this natural raw material helps them to develop environmentally sustainable innovations for its treatment.

Impra is part of RÜTGERS Organics GmbH which belongs to the ICI Group of companies based in Frankfurt, Germany. Within the ICI Group there are 30 chemical and pharmaceutical companies operating worldwide. 

Impra has two distinctive product ranges: 

Preservative Protection

The Impra®lit range includes industrial timber preservative products for vacuum pressure impregnation, dipping and low pressure impregnation. With additional products for protection against blue stain and mould with colourant options. And for the protection of cross-cut edges and drill holes of pre-treated timber products, Impra®lit Cut End Preservative is a ready-for-use, waterborne wood preservative for brush application.  

Industrial Coatings

Impra®lan and Profilan® provide wood coatings for industrial or professional use, solvent and water based depending on the application. These are available in a range of sizes and colours and can be applied by either dipping, factory flow coating or brushing.

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