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Bitus UK Ltd offer wood products and services across a wide range of market segments - from planed and treated timber for construction to garden products. Their timber decking and cladding ranges are listed below.

Bitus is part of Bergs Timber – a market leading group of progressive wood processing companies in Sweden, the Baltic regions and the UK. Four processing and manufacturing facilities are located Sweden and Latvia. 

Bitus UK Ltd operates a stock holding facility and distributes nationwide from their Port in Creeksea near Southend on Sea.

Linax Natural Decking And Cladding
Linax Cladding Brown

Linax Decking and Cladding


FSC certified pine softwood from North Sweden is the raw material for LINAX timber decking and cladding products.

Preservative pressure treated to Use Class 3, the wood is then boiled in linseed oil under vacuum in a treatment tank, penetrating deep into the timber, which gives the wood additional protection and added stability over the product's service life.

Linax DECKING is available in Natural, Brown and Grey colours. The Brown and Grey will retain their colour in decking products for 12 years* and are covered by a Product Warranty. The Natural colour will change to a silvery grey over time.

*NOTE: The decking Product Warranty requires correct installation and maintenance with Linax surface oils every 5-6 years. The warranty includes dimensional stability of the decking boards.

Linax CLADDING is also supplied in Natural, Brown and Grey colours and has a fine sawn surface. Available with extended product warranties+, Linax Brown and Grey will retain their colour for 12 years (with the maintenance interval at 10-12 years). The Natural will age to a silvery tone over 5-10 years, depending on geographical location and exposure.

+NOTE: The decay (rot) Warranty for Linax cladding is 50 years but requires regular maintenance with Linax surface oils.

Contact Bitus UK directly for FULL details of ALL warranties.

LINAX Cladding (1)
Organowood Decking Grey
Organowood Cladding

Organowood Decking and Cladding


OrganoWood uses Swedish FSC certified pine from northern Sweden to produce decking and cladding products.

OrganoWood’s patented treatment technology involves adding silicon minerals under pressure. The timber is dried before heat treatment and going through a brushing line. The silicon minerals bond to the fibres in the timber and create a physical barrier under the surface of the timber which protects the wood.

The colour of OrganoWood will alter from a natural pine colour to a silvery hue over the course of a year or so, when the timber is exposed to elements such as rain and UV rays from the sun.

Bitus UK Ltd supply their products through distributors - mainly in the South of England. But can also supply to other regions depending on location and type/size of project. Contact Bitus directly for details.

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