Villa Anete, Latvia

Linax cladding from Bitus

Villa Anete is an environmentally-conscious, energy-efficient abode. It was crafted to reflect its surrounding environment – clad in natural looking timber with a modern and contemporary style. 

The owner and designer, Karlis, initially considered a painted wooden finish for the home, but after working with Linax cladding in the Scandinavian market, realised its suitability.

Linax cladding is FSC certified and made from Swedish pine. It is preservative pressure treated and then boiled in linseed oil under vacuum. The oil penetrates deep into the timber, which gives the wood additional protection and added stability over the product's service life. Linax is also guaranteed against rot for 50 years and has extended maintenance intervals. 

PRODUCT: Linax Natural Sparpanel

ARCHITECT: Inese Gusta | IMAGES: Andris Barbans 

Villa Anete Linax Cladding

It’s amazing how many people have come up to me, asking to know more about the unique exterior finish that looks so appealing.


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