How can decking help with sustainable drainage systems?

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) help to protect from flooding and help to prevent pollution. Permeable surfaces have a valuable role to play in a sustainable drainage system – a concept that is entirely natural and entirely constructive to the environment.

Due to its permeable nature, timber decking is an excellent choice of outdoor surface for sustainable drainage systems. Gravel and porous tarmac are also good examples of suitable outdoor surfaces.

But it is what happens underneath the permeable surface that is critical, and for timber decking, that is very positive with the likelihood of voids under the surface prior to a well compacted and permeable sub-structure that allows water to easily pass through and drain.

Tda Suds Drawing

A timber decking structure can certainly form part of a management structure for sustainable drainage systems, whether it is a simple design or something far more complex. For further information or if you have specific queries, please do get in touch with the TDCA and we will be happy to help you.

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