Timber Deck Walkway

Marley Antislip Plus deck boards were used to create a safe and accessible walkway through the historic parkland at Hartlebury Castle.

The decking forms an elevated route through an area of wet woodland, allowing people to walk around in the dry.

Product: Marley Antislip Plus deck boards

Description: 150m section of elevated walkway and a small decked bridge

As part of a project to restore Hartlebury Castle in Worcester – opening up the lost gardens and circular path around the moat, Marley Antislip Plus deck boards were used to create a safe and accessible walkway through the historic parkland.  

The purpose of the walkway is to enable people to enjoy the view back to the castle, which hadn’t been possible for a very long time due to overgrown vegetation. Once the path had been cleared through the wetland area and some trees removed, the walkway and a small bridge were erected onto which the Antislip decking was installed.  

Marley’s Antislip Plus deck boards were the clear choice of product for a number of reasons – due to the chance of overgrowth and leaf fall from existing trees, the risk of slip was increased, so having good anti-slip properties was critical. In addition, the attractive timber finish of the product provided an aesthetic quality in keeping with the property and the grounds.


The boards were pre-cut to 1.6m lengths, instead of the standard 3.2m size, which made installation much easier as well as helping to reduce the wastage on site. 

The walkway project was completed in spring 2018 and construction of the 150m section of decking took about three weeks. 

Marley Antislip Smooth Hartlebury (2)

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