Caernarfon Castle, Wales

Accoya decking and seating at UNESCO World Heritage Site

Architect: Buttress Architects

Accoya wood decking and seating has been installed as part of a £5 million conservation and development project - which gives visitors access to areas of the medieval gatehouse at Caernarfon Castle for the first time in centuries.

The project includes installation of a rooftop deck and new flooring in the gatehouse towers. The fitting of a lift allows access to areas of the upper battlements.

The new architectural features have been designed to seamlessly fit with the castle’s aesthetics, shining a light on the castle’s rich history whilst adding a contemporary layer to the story. The choice of materials was an essential consideration in this.

Caernarfon Castle Accoya Overview

The Accoya wood has similar tones to the castle’s original masonry and will, in time, weather – tying in with the overall look and feel of the castle.

The new seating areas have been created physically separate from the castle walls – to ensure the interventions have minimal impact on the castle’s existing structure and can be easily removed.

Choosing the right materials was essential. We wanted to create something that would complement the existing structure, both aesthetically and functionally. Accoya is incredibly durable and requires little maintenance, so staff can focus on delivering an enjoyable guest experience, rather than worrying about maintenance work.

Lucy Ashcroft, senior architect – Buttress

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